“free the puff”

To the Principal of C.R Walker, My hair is thick. Naturally of course. I don’t remember the first time my mother relaxed it but I do remember years of ‘Just For Me’ boxes transitioning into an adulthood filled with “Creme of Nature” and “Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer”. oh, the struggle I remember the first time I went months without relaxing my hair, the sarcastic comments I got from women of my own skin colour asking me one question ,“you gone natural aye?” it would have been the first time…Read more
Life as a deck hand!

Life as a deck hand!

      Life as a Deckhand on Beacon Won Alrighty! So I’ve been living and working in the Bahamas for the past month and so far it’s been a blast! A few months ago a charter boat named Beacon Won pulled into the anchorage at Manjack on the eve of a full moon party. My dad got to know the Captain, Bruce, and relayed some of his stories to me at which point I decided to shoot him an email and ask if they were looking to fill a crewing position for…Read more

Why Bahamas REvisited?

Over the last decade, I have had the privilege to work with a number of organisations that deal either directly or indirectly with tourism, and education. These opportunities range from dolphin training,  working for a sports camp or sailing the east coast of the US. Although we very rarely understand the importance of what we are doing within a single moment, when we are able to look back over our lives, often more than not, we are able to see how everything we have done has been perfectly orchestrated to bring you to right where you are. There…Read more